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How to use Fuze for windows 10 pc

How to use Fuze for Windows 10 Desktop

July 7, 2019

Are you having trouble using Fuze on a Windows 10 desktop computer? Let’s follow the full instructions below on how to use Fuze on a Windows 10 computer.

Fuze is an integrated communication application that allows you to make video conference calls, voice calls and text messages with your colleagues in a group. The app supports your business conversations through a secure platform with cloud infrastructure. Fuze brings together all devices such as Windows 10 PC, MAC, Android devices, and also the iPhone.

If your company has decided to subscribe to Fuze service, all you have to do is download and install Fuze on your hardware. If you use a computer, you can download and install Fuze for Windows 10 here.

How to use Fuze for windows 10 pc

Your System Administrator will be registering you using your email address. Next, you will get a welcome email from Fuze that contains username and password information that you can use to Sign in to Fuze app.

Actually, besides using a desktop application, PC or laptop users can also use Fuze Web.

How to Use Fuze on Windows 10 desktop PC and Computer

  • Open your email and search for a welcome email from Fuze to get your username and password. Contact your System Administrator if you have not received a welcome email from Fuze.
  • Let’s take a closer look at the following display of Fuze for Windows 10 desktop along with a brief description of each section.
  • After successfully installed Fuze and logging in, look for the Fuze assisted setup process that contains a brief checklist of steps to help you get up and running quickly. Setup Checklist helps you to ensure that all features on Fuze are running well on your Windows 10 desktop.

Steps in the Setup Checklist include:

  1. Make a test call – ensure that your audio and phone connection are functioning properly.
  2. Choose your phone – configure your preferred phone device (Fuze uses this device for phone calls by default).
  3. Add a picture – add a profile picture to help other people recognize you.
  4. Get connected – import your calendar and contacts from your Google or Office 365 accounts.
  5. Set up voicemail – record the greeting message for your voicemail.

You can visit the Setup Checklist again after your initial sign in, click Get Set Up in the Help menu.

How to Use Fuze for Windows 10 to chat with friends

Now we go to the first function of Fuze, which is to chat in a text message.

  • To send a text message, first determine who will receive your message. Find your friends in the contact list in the People section.
  • Click the Message button next to their name, type the message, and click Send.
  • Like other chat message applications, you can also use emojis, or send files using the attachment button.
  • You can view your messages, shared content, and details about calls and meetings in your conversation.

How to Use Fuze for Windows 10 to make calls

Fuze also allows you to make phone calls through the desktop application. By using Fuze on Windows 10 desktop, you can contact your friends who use any device.

  • Beforehand, make sure you have a headset equipped with a microphone that is connected to your computer.
  • To start a call, find the contact in People, then click Call. You can also dial a number by clicking the Call button at the top of the app.
  • You can view all call history and voicemail in the Call menu.
  • When you’re on a call, you can access the following controls: Mute, Hold, Hang up, the Dial Pad. You can also transfer calls, merge them with other calls, and add more people.

So that’s part of the procedure for using Fuze on Windows 10 Computer or Desktop. You can do text messages and phone calls. In the next article, we will discuss Fuze mainstay functions, namely Meeting or Video Conference Call.

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