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How to change the background on Zoom Meeting

How to change the background on Zoom Meeting

March 27, 2020

Zoom Meeting is one of the most popular and most reliable applications for video conferencing when working from home. To make your video conference session more exciting, you can change the background on Zoom Meeting. Let’s find out how.

Sometimes video conferencing sessions are so boring or even tense when discussing a work that is nearing a deadline. Surprise your friends or coworkers by putting any photos or videos into your Zoom Meeting background and make it more fun.

How to change the background on Zoom Meeting

The ability to change the background is available for desktop and iOS versions (iPhone and iPad). Android users must be patient because this feature is not yet available in the Android version of the application, but it may be available soon any time soon.

Change the background on Zoom Meeting for Desktop

  • Open the Zoom application on the computer.
  • Click the Settings icon under the profile photo.
  • In the menu on the left, select Virtual Background.
  • Check the ‘I Have a Green Screen’ section.
  • Select the image or video available.
  • Or you can press the + button if you want to display your own background. There will be an Add Photo or Add Video option.
  • Your background will immediately change.

If you are in the middle of a video conference session, you can immediately change the background:

  • On the menu at the bottom of the screen, look for the Stop Video icon.
  • Click the up arrow icon next to the Stop Video icon.
  • Select the Choose a Virtual Background option.

Change the background on Zoom Meeting for iPhone and iPad

This background change feature is not available on all versions of the iPhone or iPad. To check and all use it as follows

  • When in the middle of a meeting, press the three dots / more icon in the lower right corner (iPhone) or top (iPad)
  • If this feature is available, you will find an option to Select the Virtual Background.
  • Select the picture or video store in your device.

So that’s how to change the background on Zoom Meeting. Have fun and stay healthy while working from home.

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