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Fuze Video Conferencing for Windows 10

Fuze Video Conferencing or Meeting for Windows 10

July 9, 2019

The Video Conference Call at Fuze is called Meeting. Find out how to use Fuze for video conferencing or meeting and other features using Windows 10 desktop PC.

Meeting or Video Conferencing is a mainstay feature of Fuze. Fuze’s Meeting is a perfect medium for working together and collaborating with your colleagues. Wherever your team members are, using any hardware (Windows 10 PC, MAC, Android, iPhone), you can still collaborate.

Fuze’s Video Conferencing allows you to use videos, exchange screens, notes, files, and even whiteboarding features. You can also invite guests to participate in your Meeting session on Fuze, schedule upcoming meetings, configure custom meeting settings, and save recordings of meetings and content.

How to use Fuze Meeting for Video Conferencing on Windows 10

  • You can do Fuze’s Meeting or video conferences with 1 or more people.
  • Log in to Fuze a few minutes before your meeting is due to begin: double click on the desktop icon,
  • click on ‘Sign In’, enter your email address and password then click ‘SIGN IN’
  • If you want to initiate a new meeting with someone, find the contact of the friend you want to invite to do a video conference, then click the Meet button to the right of their name.
  • To attend the scheduled Meeting, open the Meetings menu and click the meeting you want to follow. You can also attend a Meeting or video conference by entering a Meeting ID
  • To ensure that all infrastructure in using video conferencing runs well such as microphones, speakers, and web cameras, a window will appear to configure audio and video settings, switch to a phone or join via a Fuze Rooms-enabled conference room.
  • Ensure to select ‘Use Computer Audio’ and disable ‘Mic Will Be muted’
How to use Fuze Meeting for Video Conferencing on Windows 10

When in a meeting or video conference session, you will see tiles from other participants. The area participants are at the top, while the presenter or speaker who is active is displayed in front and center. When someone is talking, their tiles will be marked with a yellow border.

How to do File Sharing and Screen Sharing on Fuze for Windows 10

In addition to conducting Video Conferences, you can also do many things using Fuze Meeting. While doing a video conference, you can do file sharing, content, sharing screen, whiteboarding, and others in meetings.

You can see the Control Panel of this Meeting at the bottom of the window. In this Control Panel, you can find buttons for mute, Audio connection, Video on / off, Screen share, Invite people, Chat, and Notes.

How to do File Sharing and Screen Sharing on Fuze for Windows 10

Fuze Meeting or Video Conferencing allows you to do Screen Sharing and File Sharing. You can do a demo from your computer and be witnessed by all meeting participants. You can choose to share your entire computer screen, or just an open app or software. For file sharing, you can share your files through your local disk, or from Fuze Cloud, Dropbox, or Box, and you can share a whiteboard if you want to draw or visually brainstorm right in your meeting.

So that is how to perform Fuze Video Conferencing or Meeting for Windows 10 PCs. If have any difficulties, please let us know about it by leaving a comment below.

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