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Fuze Pricing

Fuze Pricing for Enterprise

July 11, 2019

Find out how much is Fuze pricing for the enterprise. Here is the price list for Fuze voice, video conference, and meeting.

Fuze is an enterprise platform, so Your company must subscribe to Fuze services so you can use the Fuze applications, whether it’s Windows 10, Mac, Android or iPhone versions. The following is a list of prices from Fuze for voice, video conferencing, and meetings.

fuze enterprise rates

The list is very long, we just display the preview here, you can see the full list that contains every country by opening the pdf provided below.

Fuze Voice Pricing – Outbound Tolled Rates

Country Per Minute – USD
United States – Continental $0.0200
United States – Alaska $0.2342
United States – Hawaii $0.0300
United States – Virgin Islands $0.0379
Canada $0.0200
United Kingdom $0.0100
United Kingdom – Mobile/SS $0.0294
United Kingdom – NGN $0.2920

Note: Rates are per minute, billed in 6 second increments. Rates shown are for standard voice outbound dialing to non-Fuze endpoints.

Fuze Voice Pricing (Outbound Tolled Rates).pdf

Fuze Voice Pricing – Toll-Free Inbound

CountryPer Minute –
United Kingdom$0.1000

Note: Rates are per minute, billed in 6-second increments. Rates shown are for Toll-Free Inbound.

Fuze Voice Pricing for Toll-Free Inbound.pdf

Meeting and Video Conference Pricing

CountryDial-In Toll-Free –
Dial Out “Call Me” –
United Kingdom$0.1400$0.00

Note: Rates are per minute, billed in 6-second increments. Rates shown are for Conference Products. Conference Calling (Local DID) Dial-In Rate – $.04 /min

Meeting and video conference pricing.pdf

Fuze also provides call recordings features. To use this service, your company must pay $ .02 for every minute.

So that’s what you have to pay if your company wants to use Fuze services. Remember to use this facility wisely. All information on prices offered by Fuze we get directly from


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