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Free Download Zoom Meeting for Windows 10

Download Zoom Meeting for Windows 10

March 26, 2020

If you are working from home, you should install Zoom Meeting on your PC. Zoom Meeting is a perfect application for video conferencing. Let’s find out how to download Zoom Meeting for Windows 10 PC for free.

In the current situation, we do not have to be present in the office to work, you can work anywhere, including working from home. To support remote working in coordinating with teams or colleagues, a video conference app that is reliable is needed. Zoom Meeting is the best and most widely used video conference application. Let’s find out the reason.

Why choosing Zoom Meeting?

HD video and audio

The most impressive thing from Zoom Meeting is the HD (High Definition) quality in audio and video so that you no longer have to worry that you can’t see or hear the person you’re talking to clearly.

Records and transcripts

Zoom users can record meeting sessions conducted and save them on their respective devices or save them in a cloud account. Zoom also has the ability to receive written transcripts of the calls you make as a video clip. This feature is very useful when you miss something important to do, you can play the recording.

Native collaboration tool

Besides conducting video conferencing, Zoom users can also collaborate and work on a project together. Zoom allows you to collaborate with various features provided such as sharing screens simultaneously and taking part in writing notes for more interactive meetings.

The Security

Regarding security, users do not need to doubt it anymore. The reason is, this application has been supported with end-to-end encryption for all meetings that have been scheduled through the Zoom application. Although you have to enable it at first. Once enabled, all calls whether audio or video are encrypted, including file transfers and in-meeting chat messages. In addition, there is also password protection so that user security is more secure.

Scheduling feature

This application also has a scheduling feature to start meetings. In addition, you can also start meetings through your Outlook, Gmail, or iCal account. When you use the Schedule function in the Zoom Meeting app to arrange a call, the invited participants receive a calendar invite that includes the relevant information.

Team Chat

Users can conduct chat with groups easily. Meanwhile, you can search for conversation history. Integrated file sharing and archives can be stored for ten years. This makes it easy for users to make calls from one user to another or group calls.

Those various advantages are enough to convince you to download and install Zoom Meeting on your Windows 10 computer, so here it is.

How to Download Zoom Meeting for Windows 10 and install it

Actually you don’t need to download or install Zoom Meeting. Zoom Meeting provides a web app you can connect through it. But the installed app provides a more optimal experience. So, you better install Zoom Meeting on your computer.

Go to The website will detect your Computer’s OS and providing you the installer file to download.

The installation is easy. Execute the installer file to install Zoom Meeting on your Windows 10 computer.

You have to create an account to host a meeting and invite other people to join it. You can authenticate with Facebook or Google, or sign up the old-fashioned way using an email address and password. When you create an account, you get a Personal Meeting ID as well as a unique meeting URL, which you can use at any time to start a meeting. It’s handy because you can send your link or Personal Meeting ID to participants without advance notice and get on the call quickly.

So that’s how to download Zoom Meeting for Windows 10 and install it to host a video conference with your team. Good luck and hopefully useful to increase your productivity when working at home.

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